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Saffron Bias Silk Matka Dress w/Asymmetrical Zipper


Bias dresses are back, thank god. This dress reminds me of a favorite John Anthony sheath dress. The asymmetrical golden zipper keeps it fresh and a little punky against the vintage bias feel. Turmeric raw silk matka bias that skims and shows only your curves. Raw edges on cap sleeves and raw edge hem. I’m obsessed with proper coverage around the armhole and this one is perfection. Because everyone needs an end of summer dress that can transition into fall but still can deflect the heat with a chic nod. 



Hi, ordering clothes online is really tough. I’ve been hand producing patterns that reflect more realistic body styles for 2 decades. I organize by brassiere sizes.

P: 32a, 32b, 32c, 34a

S: 32c, 32d, 32dd, 34a, 34b, 34c

M: 32e, 34c, 34d, 34dd, 34e 36a, 36b

L: 34e, 34f, 36b, 36c,36d, 38b, 38c

XL: 34f, 34g, 36dd, 36e, 38d, 38e

Sizing is not universal, so I’m happy to chat and help you with measurements, it is revelatory to receive a beautiful piece to treat yourself and have it fit.