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About Winkworth Brooklyn


My relationship with clothing, creation, and body image transformation has been a long standing one. Changing your clothes can change your attitude. Daily luxury that is just for you is my specialty. 

For fourteen years, my brick-and-mortar lingerie shop was nestled in Red Hook, Brooklyn. With those fourteen years, I not only helped clientelle choose lingere and sets that changed the way they felt about themselves, but worked one-on-one with them to create custom items that they love until they're threadbare.

With my transition to online, I've been able to adapt with my clientele and continue an exclusive experience with blended in-person custom work, while allowing for ready to purchase wear to be increasingly accessible for beauties all across the country (and internationally). 

Each clothing piece is a mini-love affair with fabric, mood, personality, or lace, manifested into real life. Each aspect of my garments pulls into a piece you'll love. 

I do all production here in Brooklyn. I source fabrics from my travels, as well as the Garment Center here in NYC.  


 About the Lady Behind the Curtain

I've been obsessed with clothing design for well over 40+ years. I've spent thousands of hours studying vintage movies, current movies, television wardrobes, and street fashion from all over the world. Those combinations of influences translates into my designs. Working on each piece by hand is a motif in my life, for I also adore cooking for my family from scratch. 

One project that I return to as an influence is my work in Thailand. For two summers, I had the incredible opportunity to work in the textile conservation field assisting with opening the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles in Bangkok, Thailand.  You'll feel the delicate touch and aesthetic of Thai silk culture in my design work.

I live and work in Red Hook, Brooklyn; and my preferred way to get around is by bike. It's especially fun when I put my eight-pound Chihuahua in the basket to get him around.