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Sage Green Geometric Silk Velvet Burnout Shortie Dressing Gown

$295.00 $400.00

Sublime Silk Velvet has a weight to it that deserves an academy award. So soft, warm and peek-a-boo sexy, this Shortie robe needs a best supporting award as well. Hallelujah.

gentle wash and gentle tumble dry, please remove the leather tie belt before cleaning.

S available, one 


Hi, ordering clothes online is really tough. I’ve been hand producing patterns that reflect more realistic body styles for 2 decades. I organize by brassiere sizes.

P: 32a, 32b, 32c, 34a

S: 32c, 32d, 32dd, 34a, 34b, 34c

M: 32e, 34c, 34d, 34dd, 34e 36a, 36b

L: 34e, 34f, 36b, 36c,36d, 38b, 38c

XL: 34f, 34g, 36dd, 36e, 38d, 38e

Sizing is not universal, so I’m happy to chat and help you with measurements, it is revelatory to receive a beautiful piece to treat yourself and have it fit.